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For over 30 years, Kemco Trucking has been known for providing reliable, effective warehouse storage solutions. With all our experience, we know how to appropriately care for a wide range of items. We are meticulous in preserving the quality of your items according to your unique specifications.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to warehouse storage. Each of our clients has their own storage plan based on the unique needs of their items. Whether you want long-term or short-term storage, we can accommodate your needs and customize solutions accordingly. While the needs of different types of inventory may vary, the level of commitment we provide for all our customers does not. We care for everything in our warehouses with the greatest level of dedication, and everything is stored in a clean, safe environment.

Efficiency is one of our greatest priorities at Kemco Trucking. We are always analyzing how we are utilizing our warehouse space and looking for ways to make improvements. By efficiently utilizing the space, we are able to store more items and service the needs of more customers.

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Reliable Storage Solutions That Protect Important Cargo

Our warehouses have the highest level of safety precautions and security in place to protect your items. You can have peace of mind that when we’re the ones responsible for your storage. At every stage of the storage and shipping lifecycle, your inventory will be protected.

Communication is essential to giving our customers the level of confidence they need in our services. We answer any questions you might have. Our customer service makes your life easier so you have the most seamless experience with warehouse storage.

When you outsource storage, your business will experience increased flexibility. By saving on storage solutions, you’ll have more resources to invest in your business’s other needs. We help your business meet its objectives as soon as possible! Not only do our warehouse solutions protect your business’s bottom line but so do our prices. Our innovative, effective solutions meet your needs in a cost-effective manner.

We scale with you. As your warehousing needs evolve and grow, we can meet your increased demand for storage. This means you can rely on us for years to come to provide consistent, reliable service that’s backed by decades of experience.

For all your warehouse storage needs, turn to the best of the best. Contact Kemco Trucking Inc. to discover how our warehouse solutions in Chicago can add value to your business.

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When you turn to Kemco Trucking Inc. for your warehouse needs, you will have access to ample storage: 100,000 square feet in our three warehouses on Estes Avenue in Chicago. But it’s not just the space that we provide that makes us different. Kemco Trucking has the finest equipment on the market and a dedicated staff to offer you the most innovative storage solutions.

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